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  1. hoergen ('s status on Monday, 25-Dec-2017 20:10:27 CET hoergen hoergen
    We need a logo for the federation of social networks

    We should have a logo for the federated social networks. We should show that even if we are all separate projects, we are united through our principles (we should define as well). That logo should be a sign to show every user, that this project is part of a big idea and a dream we all share and we all want everybody to know. Therefore we need a logo where people are able to recognize that a project is part of that Unity.

    Lets get serious and make The Federation real.

    The principles could maybe something like : Decentral, Libre, Open, Freedom, Diversity, Privacy, etc.

    Ideas for the principles and the logo are highly welcome. If somebody has an idea how to organize this, is highly welcome as well.

    Maybe @Tobias and @Michael Vogel could take that idea as well to the 34C3?